About the Author

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller was born in Provo, Utah in 1962. In high school he excelled at debate winning several statewide competitions. He also met his wife in high school and they were later married when they re-met attending college and have had seven wonderful children. Stephen has served in the Utah Air National Guard and an LDS Mission in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a BA from BYU and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. His first book, Captain Justo from the Planet Is was first told as a bedtime story to his children. They loved it so much they wanted him to write it down for his first foray into being an author. It has slowly grown into a fantasy adventure for all ages. The second is called Captain Justo The Valley of Bones and he is now creating the third installment. The Santa Claus League was inspired by the legend of his grandfather, Loran Wells Duke. Although he never met his grandfather, Stephen’s life has been shaped by his example, especially at Christmas time. His grandfather loved playing Santa Claus. This book is dedicated to his honor. Christmas is a magical holiday and Stephen’s children had many common questions about Christmas and Santa Claus. How does Santa Claus bring toys to the whole world in one night? Why do so many men pretend to be Santa Claus? If Santa knows who is naughty or nice then why doesn’t he do something about it? Stephen answers all these questions in his charming new novel, The Santa Claus League.
Stephen now lives in Orem, Utah with his beautiful wife Edna and is surrounded in love not only by children but grandchildren as well. Stephen Miller has sold over 5,000 copies of Captain Justo from the Planet Is, with the sequel, Captain Justo the Valley of Bones, selling very well.